Chiropractic Testimonials

"Hi, Prior Lake Spine has helped me so much! I couldn't sleep because of my leg and back pain. I had pain all night long! I spent most nights sleeping in my chair with ice and heat. I also experienced extreme neck pain that he has helped me with! Now I can get around so much better. Joshua has got me to where I can sleep so much better and I can do things that are fun and enjoy myself more of the time. Joshua is so kind and caring! I am so glad I found him through my insurance company. This was a blessing for me. Thank you, Joshua!"

- Helen S.

"Dr. Rickert and his team go way above and beyond extending their expertise to their patients.

This is an office/clinic that not only extends great Chiropractic care but excellent customer service where the patient relationship matters and you are treated with the utmost respect.

After my auto accident, I was in so much pain and was very uncertain who to trust. Visiting Dr Rickert has put that uncertainty to rest. After my visits, I leave feeling great in body and mind.

I am a very busy mom with a hockey player, two gymnasts and a full time job … so yes, my schedule is crazy, yet, Dr. Rickert and his team are willing to work with my convenience…. even if it means that they have to come in on the weekend.

So, if you are looking for great Chiropractic care and excellent customer service that fits your convenience… then this is the place to be."

- Reeta B.

"Dr. Rickert is a highly skilled chiropractor. His adjustments and ART are exactly what I need for my neck and back pain from working at a desk job. He listens to my concerns and treats me with the best possible care. He's extremely flexible at getting me in whenever the need arises. I've been going to him for several years now and I won't go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Rickert for everyone's chiropractic needs whether it be from an injury, chronic migraines, or prenatal/postnatal adjustments."

- Brielle H.

"Dr. Rickert has been my families chiropractor for almost two years. My wife trains regularly and often has issues with her feet and joints. Dr. Josh has been able to eliminate time lost from training due to those issues. My son also sees Dr. Josh for arm issues related to baseball keeping him on the diamond as well. For me the kind Doctor has helped with neck and joint flexibility which I greatly appreciate. He also has done this without any long term contracts or telling us that anything will ever require multiple weeks of therapy."

- Chris V.

"I so appreciate the genius way that Dr Josh can unwind my sore muscles and put everything back in place. He is careful when I am injured to do exactly and precisely what my body needs to heal, repair and get strong again. I have twisted my ankle far too many times and whenever I am limping around, my husband says, how soon can you get in to see Dr Josh? I am so grateful to have found Dr Josh because I can be stronger and do more and have a better life because he knows how to fix up all those places that my muscles are tight or sore. I have referred many friends and relatives who can't turn their neck or have a bad shoulder or sore knees and he helps them just as much as he has helped me. What a gem! I trust him completely and he is worthy of that trust because he keeps studying and he knows his stuff."

- Hope S.


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